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Piedmont Wild Plum

Limited to 1,844 bottles

Hand-picked, fully ripened wild plums from Piedmont – a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland at the foot of the Alps – are used for this exceptional brandy owing to their high sugar content and distinctive aroma. This specialty acquires its fruity flavor by being allowed to mature for three whole years in stoneware vessels. Due to the relative scarcity of the fruit, this brandy is limited to 1,844 bottles.

43 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(108,57  / 1 L)

A plum brandy worthy of the name

Full-flavored and intensive

With an irresistibly inviting fragrance, this stone fruit brandy treats the palate to the full flavor of wild plums. It is the perfect accompaniment to a caramelized damson plum tart with cinnamon crumble or to fruity, aromatic cigars.