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Our aspiration

Social and environmental responsibility

As a distillery, top quality means more to us than just producing a perfect fruit brandy. To us, it means having a positive impact: on people, the environment, and corporate value creation.

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Resources from our region

Whenever possible, we source the fruit for our fruit brandies directly from the region. We have the highest standards for ourselves and all our suppliers. If the raw materials are not available in quantity and quality, we fall back exclusively on the best growing areas in Europe.

For each bottle of Black Forest Cherry Brandy, for example, we need up to 800 cherries, exclusively from the Black Forest – hence the name. Thus, approximately 2,000-3,000 trees are farmed every year just for our distillery, which contribute to the typical landscape of the region.

Dedication to our region

In addition to influencing the region’s agriculture, we support a wide range of regional events and associations as a proud partner. These include the Kulturwoche Staufen, the Schelmenzunft Staufen, the Turnverein Staufen, the Regionalwert AG Freiburg, the Tennis Club Staufen, the Liftanlagen Wieden, the ZMF Freiburg and the Blues Festival Freiburg.

Not only our raw materials, but also our packaging materials are sourced whenever possible from Germany or neighboring countries in Europe. In this way, we keep transport distances short and strengthen the value chain in the region.


hand-made, distinct & sustainable

Unique manufactory quality for us has many elements. It begins with the selection of the best raw materials, includes the people who make our products, and extends to the impact of our actions on people and nature. The result is not only “just” the taste of our brandies, liqueurs and spirits.

Our commitment and claim in everything we do is to bring the best possible manufactory quality into the glass, which you can see, smell and taste. That’s why our products are largely handcrafted using traditional, tried-and-tested methods, just as they were over 100 years ago. Even though the technical tools have improved – the craft has remained the same. This includes, of course, not adding sugar to our classic fruit brandies and using only natural raw materials.

Eco & vegan

For spirits with responsibility

The use of certified organic raw materials ensures responsible handling in the production of these raw materials. We were able to take the first steps with the Mild Organic Natural Schnapps. However, we are constantly working on being able to produce further products that are certified organic and vegan. We also want to help strengthen the responsible and sustainable use of natural raw materials throughout the entire supply chain. That is why we pursue our in-house organic cultivation of scattered fruit – without the use of sprays, for a healthy nature.


Sustainability goals and Traceability

As a distillery, however, our responsibility does not stop with our products. For transparent tracking, we regularly disclose our goals for more efficient use of natural resources. In addition, we are committed to actively saving energy and sourcing sustainable electricity in our working environment. Last but not least, we are one of the first German companies in the spirits sector to display our nutritional information on the new labels of our classics, fine milds, and liqueurs so that consumers can make their decisions as transparently as possible.


“The entire food industry is moving toward greater transparency and accountability.
We want to lead by example for the spirits sector!”

Philipp Schladerer