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A family distillery since 1844

To the Black Forest

Since 1844, the Schladerer distillery has produced fruit brandies and unique spirits of the highest quality under the Schladerer name. Driven by an unswerving commitment to craftsmanship, the highest standards are applied every step of the way – from the careful selection of hand-picked fruit to the skilled work of our seasoned distillers all the way to the unique finish given to each individual product.

All with one goal in mind – to provide a taste experience in its purest form. Whether with friends or with family, in a bar or in the great outdoors, neat or in a mixed drink. Welcome to Schladerer!

Philipp Schladerer

Milder Bio-Naturschnaps
0,7 l Bottle
(35,57  / 1 L)
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Vincent Aperitif

0,7 l Bottle
(21,43  / 1 L)
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Disinfectant production

Due to the urgent need for disinfectants, the distillery produces high-proof alcohol from stocks for local hospitals and pharmacies.