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GRETCHEN Cherry Tonic

The Black Forest and its cherries


  • 4 cl Gretchen Sour Cherry Gin Liqueur
  • 15 cl Tonic Water
  • n.B. cherry
  • Ice Cubes


Pour the gin liqueur into a tumbler filled with ice cubes. Slowly fill up with tonic water so that as little carbon dioxide as possible escapes. Garnish with a cherry according to personal taste and serve with love.

The perfect drink

Produced in the Black Forest, the botanicals carefully selected, the sour cherries perfectly ripened – GRETCHEN Sour Cherry Gin Liqueur not only contains the love for our region, but also the concentrated fruit competence of the Black Forest house distillery, which is run by the 6th generation. Especially delicious as GRETCHEN Cherry Tonic with cherry and ice cubes.
GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin
GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin

Gretchen Sour Cherry Gin Liqueur

0,7 l Bottle
(38,43  / 1 L)
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