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To life!


  • 5 cl VINCENT
  • Tonic Water
  • fresh raspberries
  • Mint


  1. Pour VINCENT into a glass filled with ice cubes.
  2. Pour tonic water over it.
  3. Garnish with raspberries and mint.

The ease of existence

Our fruit bitter VINCENT celebrates the lifestyle of the south. The delicately bitter nuances of this aperitif combine selected Black Forest herbal macerations with the intense aroma of high-quality raspberry distillate. Tonic Water turns it into a refreshingly light drink that conjures up the scent of summer in your glass. Fresh raspberries and a few peppermint leaves emphasize its fruity note.

VINCENT Aperitif
VINCENT Aperitif

Vincent Aperitif

0,7 l Bottle
(22,71  / 1 L)
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