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Production of high-proof alcohol

Schladerer processes stocks for disinfectant production

The distillery Schladerer signed a cooperation agreement with the University Hospital in Freiburg on Tuesday, 24th March 2020. From stocks of the well-known distillery, 12,000 litres of high-proof alcohol are to be provided as quickly as possible. For this purpose, fruit spirits and other distillates are distilled again to increase their alcohol content. The Bavarian company SAV Liquid Produktion GmbH then processes the former noble brandies into disinfectants and delivers them to the University Hospital of Freiburg as well as pharmacies and other hospitals in the region.

Martin Roser, responsible for laboratory purchasing and disinfectant supply at the University Hospital Freiburg, is happy about the cooperation: “We urgently need disinfectants in order to be able to continue our daily work. The fact that a medium-sized company from the region is supporting us in this difficult situation is simply great”.

Managing Director Philipp Schladerer is also grateful to be able to make a small contribution to overcoming the crisis with his company. “My friend and business partner Maximilian Wagner gave me the idea of helping regional hospitals in this exceptional situation. Contact with the University Hospital of Freiburg was then quickly established. We are very pleased to be able to support the employees in their so important work.