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Apple and Pear Brandy

Finest apples and pears from the south of Germany

Only the highest-quality fruit from the Markgräflerland, Black Forest and Lake Constance regions are selected for this distillate. With a feel for the right combination of apples and pears that comes from years of experience, the seasoned experts at Schladerer create a classic fruit schnapps with a distinctively fruity taste.

38 % vol

2,30 44,00 

Includes 19% MwSt.

Intensive, tingling aroma

Full-bodied, pleasant taste with surprisingly mild finish

The nose of this brandy is defined by the mature aromas of apples and pears, supplemented by subtle, earthy tones and floral notes in the background. The fruit aromas also present themselves to the palate right away. The brandy leaves behind a fresh, fruity taste, with floral aromas coming to the fore again in the aftertaste. A clear, earthy character that delivers what it promises.