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Black Forest Maraschino

Two cherries are better than one

The combination of Marasca cherries and Black Forest sour cherries opens up a whole host of new possibilities for a seasoned bar classic. Two types of cherries combining to create a surprisingly delicate yet intensely fruity character. A typical Black Forest liqueur for bars that keep age-old promises while treading new ground.

32 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(35,80  / 1 L)

Double the pleasure

The Black Forest experience that the Maraschino has always been waiting for

We are redefining the maraschino. Our concept: combining traditional marasca spirit with the high-grade Black Forest sour cherry distillate – one of our distillery’s specialties. Its delicate and well-balanced fruity aroma profile is ideal for classic maraschino drinks as well as opening up a wealth of new possibilities for cocktails.