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Cherry Liqueur

Black Forest sweet cherries refined with fruity cherry juice

The basis for this fruity liqueur is natural cherry juice and our famous Black Forest Cherry Brandy. This cherry brandy uses exclusively Black Forest cherries, which contribute a fine aroma of bitter almond in addition to the fruit itself. This gives the liqueur its full-bodied, full-flavored taste. The natural ingredients for a chilled-out summer drink.

21 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(33,80  / 1 L)

Pour over dessert or enjoy pure!

Just what your taste buds ordered

Just what your taste buds ordered: Our own unique distillates blended with natural fruit juices to create a distinct sense of aromatic pleasure. Whether as a dessert, in a drink or pure, the Schladerer liqueurs with their pleasant sweetness are the perfect ingredient for aromatic feelings of happiness.