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Gift basket “Specially for connoisseurs”

A Selection for highest standards

Craftsmanship, experience and a sure feel for the finest raw materials – our specialties promise an exceptional taste experience that is far removed from conventional fruit brandies. This gift basket includes only our portfolio’s best: three selected spirits in unique vials fill all fruit brandy experts with delight. The premium wood casket rounds out the present’s elegance. An unforgettable treat that the gifted upon will remember for a long time!


The “Specially for connoisseurs” gift basket includes:

1x Specialities casket with Wild Sloe Brandy (0.1 l | 43 % vol), Markgräfler Kirsch (0.1 l | 50 % vol) und Red Williams Pear Brandy (0.1 l | 43 % vol)


Includes 19% MwSt.
(166,50  / 1 L)