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Mild Mountain Apple Brandy

Fruity orchard-fresh mountain apples

To create Schladerer Mild Mountain Apple Brandy, a distillate of apples is refined with aromatic fruit extracts and natural juices. It is left for a short time to mature on wood, with aromatic macerates adding surprisingly delicate and mild flavor nuances.

34 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(28,43  / 1 L)

From delicate blossom to crispy, fresh fruit flavor

Mountain apples

Mountain apples mature in the sun even in orchards at higher altitudes, treating us to their fresh, fruity flavor. The original Schladerer distillate is refined with natural juices and aromatic fruit extracts. It matures fully on wood, resulting in a mild, fruity taste that is always the perfect complement to the company of good friends.