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The mild organic pear brandy

You don’t have to be perfect. Your schnapps, on the other hand, does: perfectly natural, perfectly delicious and perfectly made without compromise. Handmade in Staufen. This is how good pear schnapps tastes today. Because we believe not only in good schnapps, but in a world in which closeness to people and nature determines our actions and thoughts.

Well then, cheers: To us!

30 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(38,43  / 1 L)

Organic. Vegan. Delicious!

All good things come in threes

For us, sustainability means taking responsibility together. For our fellow human beings, our nature and our region. That’s why your new favorite schnapps is made in the Black Forest, completely vegan and certified organic. This makes the Milde Bio-Naturschnaps Willi a real pioneer in its field – and incredibly tasty to boot.

So you can do something good for yourself, your friends and nature. Enjoy it!