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Williams Pear Liqueur

Sun-ripened Williams pears refined with tart, fruity pear juice

The basis for this tart, fruity liqueur is natural pear juice and our ever-popular Williams pear distillate. For this, we use only fully ripened, juicy Williams pears from the Markgräflerland, France and Italy. The natural ingredients for a chilled-out summer drink.

21 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(33,80  / 1 L)

Pure enjoyment

Paired to perfection

Just what your taste buds ordered: Our own unique distillates blended with natural fruit juices to create a distinct sense of aromatic pleasure. Whether as a dessert, in a drink or pure, the Schladerer liqueurs with their pleasant sweetness are the perfect ingredient for aromatic feelings of happiness.