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The Black Forest


  • 5 cl Gretchen Distilled Dry Gin
  • 15 cl Tonic Water
  • Lemon zests
  • fresh or dried pear slice
  • Spruce shoot or rosemary branch


  1. Put gin into a tumbler filled with ice cubes.
  2. Fill up slowly with tonic water to about a finger’s breadth below the rim so that as little carbon dioxide as possible escapes.
  3. Pour lemon zest and dried pears into the glass, garnish with a spruce shoot to taste and serve in a tumbler.

Like Black Forest in a glass

According to Philipp Schladerer, gin and tonic is “the drink Greta liked best to have in her rose garden on sunny afternoons”. GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin blends with a dry tonic water to create an extraordinary taste experience. The tonic water harmonizes with the juniper and spruce taste as well as a light quince and berry aroma. A spruce shoot or a rosemary twig as garnish perfectly underlines the resinous aroma.

GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin
GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin

Gretchen Distilled Dry Gin

0,7 l Bottle
(42,71  / 1 L)
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