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Genuine manufacture quality

“Its authentic taste, the nuanced interplay of the finest fruit aromas, balanced harmony,” says Clara Löffler, who has just completed her training at Schladerer with distinction as the best distiller of the year nationwide. She learned her craft from the deputy head of production and distiller Klaus Schüler. As was the case 200 years ago, the distilling process is still characterized today by numerous expert hand movements, distinctive sensory skills, and a feeling for the right moment. The quality of the fruit also plays a decisive role.

Experience and knowledge, the use of proven processes, as well as storage and maturation go hand in hand in the production process. For example, in order to achieve particularly pure enjoyment, mirabelles are freed from their stems and pits. The fine aromas of the Williams pear are preserved by controlled cooling of the mash during the fermentation process.

For the high-class fruit brandies, fully ripe, aromatic fruits are brought into the mash tanks at Schladerer. There, fermentation takes place, during which the fruit sugar is transformed into alcohol with the help of yeasts. The fermentation process is followed by distillation, for which master distiller Thomas Wiedmann is responsible. It is a complex process that requires the distiller’s sensory intuition and sure instinct. The subsequent aging process also shapes the character of the fruit brandy. The distillates with an alcohol content of 65 to 75 % vol. are stored for about two years in ventilated stainless steel tanks. Specialties that are stored in earthenware vessels or ash wood barrels mature even significantly longer. After that, the high-proof brandies are reduced to drinking strength with spring water before being bottled in the famous Schladerer bottles. Outstanding distillation brings the full aroma of the fruit into the glass. Between four and five kilograms of cherries go into one bottle of the famous Black Forest Kirschwasser. This is precisely what sets a distilled classic, made with love, care and passion, apart from the mainstream.