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Philipp Schladerer

Preserving values and daring to try something new

On a noble mission: Philipp Schladerer wants nothing less than to save fruit brandy. To this end, he works meticulously, with a love of detail and with the necessary eye for the bigger picture. With a breath of fresh air, he and our entire team are leading the 175-year-old traditional distillery into the future!

Heritage has a future.
175 years of Schladerer – what does that mean?

Love for the local nature and passion for the art of fruit distilling. Also pride in what is associated with the name Schladerer and what is being carried on today in the sixth generation. My ambition is to preserve values and dare to try something new. This includes working with close partners and our highly motivated team of employees to identify trends and develop our own sustainable concepts that meet current and future enjoyment needs. A path that is highly exciting.

The Schladerer heritage line is conquering the bars right now …

Yes, Gretchen Dry Gin and Schwarzwald Maraschino are great success stories. This confirms us on our path to produce unique spirits that are closely linked to our own history and original craft, yet which we reinterpret. Such authentic products with an independent profile are in demand. People are looking for the extraordinary, the taste of a landscape, of nature, its attitude to life. And we can convey this credibly. By the way, it is not only the Schladerer heritage line that scores as a source of inspiration and ingredient in bar culture. The fruit brandy – our classics and specialties – are also part of it as permanent fixtures.

What distinguishes a Schladerer fruit brandy?

Its high quality, the unique purity of fruit aromas, which are expressed differently in each distillate. The fruits remain present and alive in aroma and taste. We achieve this exceptional quality with the best ingredients, a lot of experience and skill. And with attention to detail in every step of the production. It is a pleasure to discover and enjoy this gift of nature.