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Rarity No 2 – Sour cherry from the Markgräflerland

Rare. Authentic. Valuable.

Sour cherries have been grown in the Markgräflerland for centuries because of the ideal ripening conditions. We need up to 11 kg of the hand-picked, intensely flavoured fruit with only a little pulp to produce this bottle of sour cherry brandy. The relatively large pit is reflected as a fine almond flavour in the brandy, and the traditional maturation in ash wood barrels ensures the full development of its aromas.

The SCHLADERER rarities are offered in an exclusive gift box. Each bottle is filled and finished by hand. The cask number on the bottle indicates which cask was used for the filling. As, depending on the nature of the wooden cask, it can happen that a cask is filled several times with the same distillate, each bottle is also given a bottle number so that the number of fillings from this cask can be traced.

43 % vol


Includes 19% MwSt.
(159,80  / 1 L)