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Wild Plum Brandy

Experience is the key

This exquisite brandy is created with zibarte plums, a rare variety found growing wild in the southern Black Forest. More stone than fruit, this wild plum is a real challenge for our distillers. But at the same time, it is one that is always well worth the effort – the reward coming in the form of the sweet scent of marzipan and the intensive note of almonds.

42 % vol

59,90 63,90 

Includes 19% MwSt.

A challenge for our seasoned distillers

Promising more stone than fruit, these small, brownish-yellow wild plums draw on every ounce of the master distillers’ experience. The distillation process is carried out several times on our traditional copper stills. The distillate is matured in ash barrels, which have virtually no impact on its color or flavor. Nuances of tannin help to shape the character of the fruit brandy. Once this maturing point has been reached, the distillates are stored in clay casks until they have reached their peaks.